When the Load is too Heavy & the World is too Crazy…

I don’t know about you, but every time I turn around something negative is happening.  It’s getting closer and closer to home and seems as though evil is knocking on the back door more often than not these days.  Families struggling through really hard life or death battles.  Living moment by moment becomes their reality.

Maybe you are truly living a legacy of blessing and reaping the benefits of a family whose roots are so deep down into their love and submission to the Lord that He has shielded you.  Even so, that doesn’t make anyone exempt from a difficult life. Or really hard battles.

Have you turned on the news recently? I have to be honest here and admit that my husband and I don’t watch the news. Hardly ever. Which means we usually hear second-hand about a tragedy or accident or stumble across people talking about something on social media.  When I’m concerned about something I like to check it out on the Christian Broadcasting Network. Other than that, we stay away from the “news” (if you can even call it that these days).

Buzz about: “Theybies”, allowing & helping young children to switch genders, horrific accidents, the gun dilemma, the autism epidemic, racial issues, the war on terror, sex trafficking, the opioid crisis, pollution destroying our beautiful world and all of the unspoken issues too (real issues that the media isn’t even covering like Christians being martyred for their faith and so on). And can I just say that my heart shattered when I stumbled across two separate issues on social media. The couple who was killed (along with 2 other people) by Isis Militants while on a bike trek around the world, and yet another family whose baby reacted poorly to a mandatory vaccine that put their 3 month old child’s life on the brink of death.

It’s all too much when you really sit back and start to process it. Another news articles splashes across our screens leading to debate after debate and here we go having to decide what we’re going to do about it moving forward and who we have to argue with to get our point across. It’s exhausting.  My main concern at the moment is my son’s welfare, and the SOULS of people.  I’m not necessarily talking about their sin, although that is an important discussion, but NEWSFLASH: I’m a sinner too & so are you, and we all have a whole lot of imperfections.  At the end of the day people just really need JESUS. So my question to myself daily is, ” What am I going to do to be the hands and feet of Jesus?”

Making someone feel bad for their stance on a situation is not being the hands and feet of Jesus. It’s really just perpetuating the problem.  So, in those cases I’ve decided to use Biblical scripture to counter, when appropriate.  Not my words, but His.  I also hope to do it in a way that is not condescending, but accountable.  Loving the person through it all and really getting to the heart of the matter. Because believe it or not people make choices based off of a lot of different reasons. And many times it stems all the way back to hurts from their childhood…insecurities, trauma, negligence, abuse and ignorance.  This is important for me to remember when dealing with a human being who just wants to be loved and accepted. And might have a very warped sense of what’s right and wrong.

Jesus loves you and died to take away your sin so that you can live an abundant to overflowing life. Will it be perfect? No. Will it be worth it? Yes, always yes.  His way is meant to bring life, literally and figuratively.  His way is meant to bring healing, forgiveness, mercy and grace.  He did not conquer death and sin so that we can sit and wallow in it.  The opposite in fact. He came to break those binding chains to free us so that we can live a life glorifying Him and pointing others to His majesty (Ephesians 5:8-14)

He also created you for a purpose.  God is the master creator. Just look around at the sky so magnificent in all it’s colors it seems as though He painted it Himself, trees so large and strong their roots keep them grounded amidst a terrible storm, flowers blooming each season without a care, waves majestically rolling back and forth in rhythmic fashion, the mountains, the valleys, the animals of the field, the birds of the air, a gentle mid-summer breeze, the smell of fresh foliage.

He created everything on purpose FOR A PURPOSE.  Everything He does brings life, creativity and works in perfect harmony.  Is there sadness all around you? That’s because sin entered the world and changed it’s course for the worse .

But, Jesus. He came to set the captives free. To break the binding chains of sin. To bring joy and hope and to help us fulfill our purpose on earth.

So when I see another clip about people wanting to call their newborns ‘Theybies’, how we are now supposed to all go to the bathroom together and be OK with that, how children are being raised by technology – absent parents allowing narcissistic tendencies to creep in yet the children are the problem [[we do not need to ask a child permission for certain things: changing a diaper, disciplining inappropriate behavior, etc.]], the constant battle over who is right or wrong when it comes to the gun debate, another baby being murdered in the womb or the thick tension that is political correctness in our culture.

It’s all just enough.

Add on top of that drug overdoses, the opiod epidemic, the horrific rise in suicides, the fact that there aren’t as many restrictions and laws in our country when it comes to what gets added to our food, products, vaccines and medical devices (scary!).  The liberal agenda pushing their worldly plans on our young children. School shootings on the rise. Corrupt companies and organizations running the show and dictating what society gets to partake in, with US citizens as their guinea pigs. And the number one driving force behind all of this craziness….the love of: power & money (1 Timothy 6:10).

No words.

What happens to the children here? They get swayed and pulled in 1 billion directions and parents just go along for the ride.  Too many options, too many questions, too many overwhelming opinions. Too much noise. A lot of it straight from the devil himself, placing these little lies in people’s ears as they run away with them and proclaim them from the mountain tops. All while he sits back just waiting for his agenda to pass: death and destruction.

Let me tell you a secret. A secret that has LIBERATED me from any anxiety, depression, fear, pain and confusion. You only need to listen to ONE voice. His name is Jesus. And His voice should be the main one. The one that truly matters.

Not sure where to start? Crack open that Bible and start with an app to help you like: First 5, the Bible App, Our Daily Bread, A Verse A Day,  Youversion, Bible Gateway, She Reads Truth, d365, Proverbs 31 Ministries etc.

*There are also some GREAT people to follow on instagram! Pastors, leaders, speakers, and just all-around amazing people who love Jesus! Want me to recommend a few to you? Get in touch with me! 

Before you open social media and let the thousands of voices speak into your mind, let Jesus do the talking first. You take precautions to protect a lot of other areas in your life, right? What makes your mind any different? With mental health issues on the rise don’t you want to protect that too? Shut down social media, if it’s getting in the way of your life, and just get back to the basics of learning from Jesus.

Jesus knows it all and He knows best. Get in touch with a genuine Christ-follower who lives and breathes their faith. Their testimony (life story) is a powerful one and I’ll guarantee you that it will grip you one way or another. Their whole life will point to the One who saved them. The old life filled with depravity, darkness and despair is like a cavern echoing the mercy and grace of Jesus in their life.  They live their lives differently and they’ll happily tell you what makes them different too. They’ve been transformed from the inside out (Romans 12:2, 2 Corinthians 5:17) .

They might be in the same exact settings as you,  at times going against the grain. Not because it’s cool, but because Jesus commands them to.  And it’s probably not easy for them.  It sounds restricting and binding, but it’s actually quite freeing because they’re living the way the Lord designed them to.  Their obedience brings blessing.  Even amidst the hard times, they shine bright like a beacon on a hill in the pitch black of night. They’re grateful to have the opportunity to worship the living God. Everything that happens to them will be a choice that either propels them closer to Jesus or pushes them farther from Him. Those who choose to draw close & cling to Him for dear life live a life fulfilled.  They recognize that the world has nothing to offer them anymore because it’s left them shattered, broken, empty and alone.

Jesus calls His followers to walk the narrow path (Matthew 7:13-14). In this day and age that path is shrinking every day.  If you want to stay on it don’t put your faith in people, they will always be flawed. Put your faith in the One who isn’t. At the end of the day even the best of people can let you down. The God of the universe never will (Nahum 1:7, Deuteronomy 31:8).

When you start to look around, really talk with people and see how bad things are getting it could be easy to sit and wallow in that. Become depressed and let that depression rule your life, feel the anxiety rising up in you unsure if you could even push it back down. Let sadness, bitterness, anger and fear completely take over your whole being.

But Jesus says there’s another way. A better way. A way that the world will tell you is silly, ridiculous and doesn’t do anything.

And they’re wrong because the world gets it’s voice from the enemy. He is the master of lies, cheating, deception and death.  His way always ends poorly.

Jesus is the way & He tells us to pray. Prayer is powerful and real. It transcends time and space. The Lord tells us to pray for a reason. It’s a direct line to Him, through Jesus.  He teaches us how in His word.

Crossroads explains the Lord’s Prayer so perfectly, but I’ll sum it up below.

Matthew 6:9-13

Our Father in heaven,   –   

God wants a relationship with you! 

hallowed be your name,  –   

Worship His name because He is holy!

your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  –  

Put His agenda FIRST, not your own! He’s not an atm Santa.

Give us today our daily bread.  –   

Acknowledge that we depend on Him for everything we NEED.

And forgive us our debts,  as we also have forgiven our debtors.  –   

We need to get our hearts right with Him and with others.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.  –   

Engage in spiritual warfare. Put on the Armor of God and fight the enemy.

For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.  

Show your faith in God’s ability. He has the ultimate victory!

There are many days where I think, well what else can I really do here besides pray and meet with Him?

You need peace? He’s got it. You need wisdom…He’s got plenty of that too. Forgiveness? Yup. Mercy and grace? Oh yes.

The world is so chaotic right now. The moral compass in this country alone has shifted in just the past 50 years so drastically.  I’m constantly concerned about raising my son and future children in it. But, my God is greater and He lives in me.  And raising children starts in the home. It starts way before they get out into the world. So if our foundation is strong because it’s built on Christ the solid rock, then I know I did my part to lay the groundwork for my children to firmly stand on. Feet planted on the ONE who holds it all together.  When the storms rise, the trials come, the temptation knocks & the sin enters, He is merciful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness but will do it in a loving way because He cares.  He will fight our battles for us. If we lay our heavy load at His feet He will take it from us.  He replaces sorrow with joy and chaos with peace.  He trades sin for a clean slate and ashes for beauty.  He’ll take your shame and give you His righteousness.

Doesn’t this sound like a God you want to get to know more? I know I am still learning and will always be learning about who He is and His character.

Jesus isn’t just a fun saying on a shirt, a cool place to meet up on Sunday. He isn’t just a wise prophet or a man that left a tremendous impression on society. No. He’s savior, healer, redeemer, messiah, the living God.  And He is laced into the very fibers of our home. He has to be or else we would fall apart.

So I’m going to do what I know to do: pray without ceasing, seek Him for all things, read His word and hand everything out of my control over to Him. He knows all the answers and is faithful to those who ask, seek and knock (Matthew 7:7-8).

When the load is too heavy and the world is too crazy we don’t need to over-complicate things further. Jesus just wants us to sit and meet with Him. He’ll lay out the blueprints on how to navigate it all. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Blessed to be a blessing,


If any of this resonated with you please feel free to share it with someone who needs to hear.  The truth will set us free (this phrase comes from John 8 – the whole chapter is just incredible and jam-packed with wisdom & truth)!