Vintage Outfit Inspiration & 5 Ways to Find Unique Clothing

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Check out the end of this post for some fun Amazon clothing finds! 

I am the type of person who analyzes, in a fun way, a television show’s every angle (movies too).  Part of what makes me love a show is not just the humor, depth or acting but also the sense of design, styles worn and the era.  This is partly why I also tend to love a good period drama, one that showcases the outfits and culture of the time.

Both design and style could be considered characters in their own right, think: Stranger Things (the nostalgia that the show creates with the atmosphere, outfits and music alone goes into its own category), Parenthood (that outdoor eating area is just incredible and flows so well with the nature of the family), or Timeless (the characters have to dress to fit the era they are time-warping to…so fun).

Home decor, character’s styles, the chosen music, and the acting all need to flow in order for something to be considered successful, a “hit” or go on to be top pop culture.  This is why design/wardrobe gets it’s own category at award’s shows and why people ooh and aah over what stars are wearing.  It’s also part of the reason why influencers become so popular.  Everyone wants to look effortless and put together and some people will spend whatever it takes to get there.

When it comes to a lot of things I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, but especially with clothing.  I have tried to “jump on the bandwagon” a few times to only go spinning around in a circle hating life.   I don’t wear things because other people tell me to, I never have.  When I scroll through Instagram I admire the fashion and even envy it at times (really, how do some of these moms always look so put together?), but I tend to choose clothing that speaks to me, is comfortable and flatters me.

Of course I want #allthethings but will more clothes really make me happy? That’s a big, fat NO.  By the grace of God I have gotten so much better at NOT letting comparison steal my joy.  It’s a bitter, unhappy place.  Thank God I have allowed those chains to be broken in me. But, those feelings can start to creep in ever so slightly if I’m not careful.  And you know what, it’s a very sneaky process.

It’s judging a person based on what they are wearing…”how is she even able to afford all of those nice clothes”?

It’s looking at someone via social media and thinking, “if only I had what SHE has, then I’d be happy too”.

It’s watching someone else’s life unfold letting bitterness rot your heart because you aren’t where they are…even though you don’t know her backstory or the trials she has faced in her own life.

It’s thinking that more stuff will make you truly happy and fill you up…if only I could buy that cute ______ that they have.


Those are all lies, even though some of them might be “true” for you in this moment.  Change your perspective. Instead of looking out look up.  And when you do look out, look for someone in need. Give of your time, don’t hoard more stuff. Fill your life with lovely things. Pure things. Things that can actually fill you up and give you JOY in the journey.  Clothes and decor aren’t going to do that, friend.  Jesus will though! He’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He loves you, created you & designed you to be you! He didn’t design you to compare yourself to someone else!

I could imagine how much God enjoyed decorating the earth and skies as he created everything, so enjoy the process of finding clothing you love that fits you well and makes you feel good! But don’t you dare think that because you aren’t a certain size or “envied” shape you aren’t worthy.  Lies.  You have a beautiful shape no matter WHAT it is.

I am no expert on style (like I will mention in most of my posts), but I am an expert on being comfortable in your own skin. You’re unique, valuable and have certain assets that others would kill for so OWN IT.  Instead of ragging on the parts of your body you hate, accentuate the ones you like and go out confidently into the world!

We all have cellulite. Jiggly body parts. Crinkled skin. Birthmarks. Bad breath. We all get bed head and have times where we just don’t feel good about ourselves. Look at yourself the way Jesus sees you…beloved, cherished, wanted. He was excited to form every part of you so get excited about dressing for your unique shape.

I recently found out that my shape is a rectangle. So I scoured pinterest a bit to see what fits my shape best!  There are some styles that stand the test of time, every era, and all shapes and happen to look good on me! Yay! Other things I found out…not so much.  Once you learn what you like and what would enhance your body shape you can choose accordingly! Have fun with it!

My style is all over the place really because I like a whole lot of different pieces, looks, colors and textures.  As much as my eyes love to look at those feeds that are neutral and the woman behind it wears the same muted colors all of the time, that’s just not me.  I like that, but I can’t live that way.  So I tend to choose items that catch my eye, not because they’re popular but because I like them.  They’re from different eras, they have different colors, and they are definitely not always “style envy” or top fashion. Find what works for you. If you like it and can afford it then…

You do you, boo!

Where Should I shop?

  1. Thrift it!!! Some of my favorite finds have been thrifted.  You have to have the time to look and if you do there are some pieces of *treasure* to be found: dresses, tops, bottoms and even home decor. Just bring your items home, wash them and you’re good to go! A one-of-a kind stand-out piece at a hugely discounted price! Yaaaaas, girl.
  2. Do a Clothing swap! These are so fun and I have been able to take part in a few with friends.  Instead of giving away your unwanted clothes everyone brings their bag of stuff to a friends and you all lay everything out.  Even if you are different sizes there’s a chance that their old stuff might fit you or your old stuff might fit them! It’s fun to sift through, try on and take home a few “new” pieces. Whatever doesn’t get taken can be donated. On Long Island, Lighthouse Mission will gladly take any of your unwanted, gently used clothing to give out to those in need. Churches are also a great drop-spot for clothing!!
  3. Use an App! Apps like Poshmark and ThredUp are awesome because they are basically thrift stores online.  I love browsing for things I need or am looking for.  You plug in your sizes and they will show you people selling items in your range! I have purchased a few things through this site and was happy with what I received! Sign up with my code and get $5 toward your first purchase: ADINOZZI
  4. Hand-me downs!  When I was younger my cool, stylish older cousin was always getting rid of her unwanted items. She shopped at places that I never did and I was always so happy to un-bag her fancy items!  Each bag felt like Christmas to me!  I still have a pair of old Gap jeans she gave me and a few other pieces.  You could easily set this up with a family member or friend who is around your size and trade pieces.  Any time they go through their closets tell them to let you know so you can browse the items!
  5. Vintage Shops: ModCloth, Asos, Etsy, Instagram, Forever 21, H&M etc. are great places to find unique clothing items! I have shopped most of these places at least once and have never been disappointed. Years ago I got a really unique coat from H&M that was so well-made and so reasonably priced, it lasted forever (I still have it, just doesn’t fit right anymore – still thinking of a way to upcycle it). That coat got so many compliments and it was a fraction of the cost if I’d have found it elsewhere!

Bonus Inspo Tip: *One of my many “homesteading goals” is to get a sewing machine and create my own items (pillowcases, chair pads, shirts, table runners, skirts, etc.). If you are already a pro at using a sewing machine then please send your tips my way haha, but in all seriousness use that sewing machine girl and go make yo self some cool clothes when you can!  You can purchase fun prints and patterns on sale at places like Jo’Ann Fabrics! So many cute options!

Some of My Favorite Style Icons from TV:

Karen Page – Daredevil
Erin – The Office
Lucy – Timeless
Trixie & Jenny Lee – Call the Midwife
Jess – New Girl
Jess again because I love everything she wears!
Rachel Zayne – Suits
Zoe Hart – Hart of Dixie
Lemon Breeland – Hart of Dixie
AnnaBeth Nass – Hart of Dixie
Topanga – Boy Meets World
Marcia Brady – The Brady Bunch
Jane – Jane the Virgin
Lucille Ball – I Love Lucy
The Crawley Sisters – Downton Abbey

I’m sure you are seeing a pattern in what I like.  I LOVE that vintage/retro, girlie look.  There really is nothing like a structured, feminine dress or pretty shirt and skirt! Layers are also key.  I also really like the bohemian, loose/flowy look and feel most comfortable in pieces like that! When I don’t feel 100% great in something I like to have a sweater or throw over me.  Accessories can also be so fun to enhance a look: scarves, headbands, earrings, bracelets, hair clips, a bold lip!

Fun Affordable Finds on Amazon:

*Click on the pictures below to purchase/browse!

  1. Grace Karin Boatneck Sleevles Vintage Tea Dress

2.  Laksmi Elegant Dress – Casual A-Line

3. Vintage Collared Pleated Button Down Shirt

4.  Vintage A-Line Pleated Flare Skirt with Pockets

5. Kimono Floral Cover-up

6. Milumia Button Up Floral Flowy Dress

7.  Sarin Matthews Off Shoulder High-Low Dress

8.  Floerns Embroidered Ruffle Baby Doll Shirt

9.  Satinato Straight Pants Stretch Trousers

10. ZXZY Long Sleeve V Neck Hollow Out Floral Print

11. Afibi Full/Ankle Blending Maxi Chiffon Skirt

This list could go on and on as Amazon has upped their clothing game. I have found quite a few inexpensive pieces on there that I love and get compliments on all the time! When purchasing from Amazon – watch for the amount of reviews and what the customers are actually saying about your item. I find that sometimes your purchase comes from China and aren’t as close to what you thought you were purchasing.

On a typical day I can be seen in some form of a comfy outfit that will benefit chasing and playing with a toddler. Mama needs to be able to move and deal with messes!  But when it’s time to head out I do like to dress up.  My two favorites, out of all these TV characters, are probably Jess from New Girl & Erin from The Office.  Their outfits fit their quirky personalities and they bring so much color and life to each show. Also, Lucy from Timeless gets to dress up based on each era she visits – how fun does that sound??

At the end of the day – dress how you want & wear what you love. Don’t worry about being “on trend” as stuff always comes back in style.  If you find something that speaks to you and fits you well…wear it! Don’t forget that there are possible ways to have a style and stay in budget! Stop in a thrift store and browse..I promise it’s so fun!

Most importantly…stay true to you and don’t let someone make you feel bad for liking a certain piece, outfit or style that’s not on trend! Own it girl!

Be well,